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The Best Driving Lessons UK – Our Story

Since you are here, on our blog, we thought it the best time to tell our site visitors our own story how it all began. Why even the idea of opening yet another driving school in the UK came to our minds, well, the first thing was that we are a bunch of people who are passionate about driving. We know every road skill that is needed for a safe drive. Our instructors have a strong background in driving under every condition in the UK. Be it a city drive in Leeds or an up-country hilly drive. We have done it all.

Secondly, we were a little perturbed with the fact that many so-called driving schools were serving innocent people unethically. There were long waiting periods and high fees. Above all that people were still not acquiring the driving skills which would allow them to face the roads with confidence. See, it’s essential to pass your licensing exams, but it’s also pretty important to learn the right mindset which would help one face any on-road driving situation.

How we crafted our services?

Our services and driving classes are crafted, keeping your needs in mind. Driving is an essential life skill which if you ask us everyone in the UK should have. You cannot depend on public transport for your entire life. Everyone should know how to drive and face the traffic conditions with the utmost confidence. When we started our company, we observed the following issues that a learner faces :

  • Rigid timings
  • High Fees
  • No pre-assessments
  • No Flexible fee structure
  • No Mock Tests

Hence looking into the problems mentioned in the points above, we crafted driving lesson packages that would suit a large section of the society. From a young lad to the busy office executive. Our services are designed to cater to everyone. Our pre-assessment service helps our prospective candidates understand which driving lesson package would be the best fit for them. Apart from the pre-assessment services, our package also offers a great deal of flexibility. We have packages starting from fixed fees to pay per hour.

Finally, we address the crux of your learning objective wisely. That is to pass your licensing exam with flying colors. For that, all our packages come with Mock Tests at the end of the course. Here our expert instructors would grill your driving skills as a real examiner would. So, you would be aware of the problem points in your driving and rectify them well before the actual exam.


To tell our blog visitors the truth, Best Driving Lessons UK is established to serve the British society in a better way. We want every citizen to be an able and responsible driver who respects everyone on the road. All this to create a better and safer environment for the nation.

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