Our pre-learning assessment service is for understanding your current driving skills. We interview you for testing your existing theoretical and practical driving knowledge. This helps us in proposing the right driving lessons package for you. Assessment service helps us ascertain the number of hours of driving lessons you would need in order to be a confident driver. Proper training also ensures that you pass your licencing exam with flying colours. With us, you not only learn to drive, but, you learn to face the roads with confidence.

Why is Driving Assessment Important?

It is very important to know the existing driving knowledge you have before starting on a driving lesson. You might be a local resident looking forward to getting a new driving licence or you might be an immigrant who already holds a foreign driving licence. In either case, our assessment services help in deciding which driving lessons package to go for.
Secondly, your current skill set might require you to take a cheaper driving lesson package than what you might actually be anticipating. However, we can reach this conclusion only after proper assessment. With us, you would only pay for what you actually need.

Cost of Assessment Services​

We charge £45 for a driving assessment session. Normally, an assessment session takes about 1-2 hours to complete. In such a session, our expert trainers assess every minute detail of your current driving skills.
Driving Assessment Leeds

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