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We help you with every step of your journey towards successfully getting a driving licence. We know that passing the driving licence exam in the UK is pretty tough and you would need all the help that you can for making it through. Our mock test service gives you the feel of the real thing before you take the actual licencing exam.
Our special 1-hour mock test is designed to grill your driving skills just like a real driving examiner would do. The mock test consists of a 40-minute practical driving test. Your theoretical driving knowledge is tested in the remaining 20 minutes of the test.

Face The Test With Confidence

Shed every iota of anxiety before the actual exam. Face the exam with complete confidence and knowledge. Our expert instructors will prepare you for the toughest examiner out there. Our objective is to see you pass your driving licence exam with flying colours.

Exclusive Service

Mock tests are only available for candidates who have enrolled for driving lessons with us. There is no additional cost for the mock test. It is included in all our packages.
Driving Mock Test Leeds

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