How to Find and Choose your Perfect Driving Instructor?

How to Find and Choose your Perfect Driving Instructor?

You have decided to learn driving and now looking for a professional driving school with some expert driving instructors. Firstly, congratulations on your decision. Learning to drive is a life skill and it’s a skill that everyone should acquire. Now comes the big question, how to find that perfect driving school and that perfect driving instructor. The markets are full of tall claims and every other service provider seems to be the best. That’s the magic of marketing we guess. At times, there are dubious characters also in the scene and one should be pretty wary of them.

Well, lets cut the negative vibes and focus on the good things. Here are some pro tips that will help you decide on that perfect driving instructor for your needs.

Look Local

By local, we mean really local, like in your neighbourhood. Finding a driving school and driving instructor near your home has many merits. Firstly, it would be pretty easy for you to verify the credentials of the instructor. Also, there would be other people in and around your area who would have already availed their services. So getting a testimonial of their services would not be all that difficult. Thirdly, pick up and drop off will be convenient too.

The Qualifications

Every driving school and every driving instructor has to have some certifications and qualifications before they can operate. Please do check them and scrutinize them properly before signing up for their offer. A qualified driving instructor would be completely equipped to teach you the skills that would lead to the grant of a driving licence. The qualification that you should be looking for is DVSA approved PDI (Potential Driving Instructor) or ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). If your instructor has them, you are good to go.


By manners, we mean the way you feel once you interact with the driving instructor or the school. They should sound and behave right and with empathy. There should be no signs of anxiety or being too quick to close a sale. If such behavior is encountered, it’s a red flag and it is best to avoid this particular entity.

Teaching Approach

This point is very important. The teaching approach is what will make up for the quality of experience that you have as a learner. Learn and understand well how exactly you are going to get the driving instructions. Be very clear on this part. Ask about the theory and the practical split too. Also, it would be wise to ask beforehand about the mock tests for the final licencing exam.

Safety & Security

A good driving instructor will go at lengths about the security of the trainee. They would decide on the timings and pickup and drop-off points beforehand. Also, they would ensure that all proper safety precautions are taken care of before and during the course of driving lessons being imparted.


Never jump for the cheapest option available. Cheap does not always mean the best. Perfect service will always come at a premium price. So, before you sign on that line, be sure that you are getting value for money.

Just keep these points in mind and we are sure that you will find your perfect driving instructor soon.

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